16 Most Beautiful flowering Succulents

16 Most Beautiful Flowering Succulents

Have you ever thought of decorating your house with beautiful flowering succulents?

Flowering succulents not only look beautiful but are also a great addition to your plant collection.

So without further ado let’s dive in!

Here are some of the most beautiful flowering succulents:

Rock Purslane

Rock Purslane is native to Chile. This succulent has thick blue-green foliage and can be a good addition to your succulent collection.

Flowering: This succulent blooms from mid to late spring and sometimes in the summer. The flowers are colorful and come in an intense magenta color.

Care: These succulents don’t require much care and need less water.

October Daphne

This succulent is perennial and native to Japan. It has broad, attractive leaves and can grow up to 4 inches and 8 inches wide.

Flowering: This succulent produces star-shaped bright colored flowers.

Care: Similar to most succulents, it also doesn’t require much care and attention. Just you need to water it moderately during its growing season and it can thrive in indoor as well as outdoor conditions.

Florist Kalanchoe

Florist kalanchoe, also known as Flaming Katy, is a beautiful succulent that blooms flowers and can be an awesome houseplant.

Flowering: This succulent produces masses of little flowers and its colors range from pink, red, yellow, and orange.

Care: These succulents are drought smart and easy to grow. Provide them with enough sunlight and make sure to not overwater them.

Ice Plant

If you are looking for a drought-tolerant succulent that also blooms beautiful flowers, then look no further than ice plants.

As per gardeningknowhow.com, these succulents are called ice plants not because they are cold-hardy, but because their leaves and flowers shimmer as if covered in ice crystals.

Flowering: Ice plants produce daisy-like flowers. The color of the flowers generally range from pink, purple, and yellow

Care: Ice plants require maintenance as they need very less water and can survive in drought-like conditions. So you can just plant these succulents and enjoy their beautiful flowering!


This species of succulents are one of the most beautiful and popular types of succulents.

Flowering: This succulent is loved by many gardeners because of its beautiful rosette growth pattern. On one flower spike, there can be many offsets. And the type of colorful flowers that this succulent produces is pink, yellow, or orange.

Care: This succulent is not that easy to grow indoors as it requires a lot of light to maintain its flat rosette-like shape. But you can definitely keep this well and enjoy its beauty if you take proper care.

Moonstone Plant

Moonstone succulent can be a fantastic addition to your plant collection. As the name of this succulent suggests, it produces rounded leaves that look like little stones.

Flowering: From a thin stem of these succulents, flowers hang down. And the color of the flower can be white or orange.

Care: As per succulentsbox.com, like most other succulents this plant can also be a hassle-free plant if you give it the right growing conditions.

String Of Pearls

The String of Pearls is a beautiful and delicate hanging succulent. It generally thrives in a warm and dry environment. It grows fast and produces beautiful flowers.

Flowering: String of Pearls bloom tiny white flowers. Their scent is like cinnamon.

Care: As an indoor houseplant, these succulents are very easy to care for. But they can also grow outdoors.

Sedum Rubrotinctum ‘Jelly Bean Plant’

These succulents have small, plum-green color leaves. They are native to Mexico. Their tips turn deep red when exposed to more sunlight.

Flowering: These succulents have woody stems and produce little star-shaped yellow flowers.

Care: These succulents are very cute and also easy to care for. These succulents can thrive well in warm areas and only need a little bit of watering.

Hens And Chicks

Hens and Chicks belong to the Sempervivum group of succulents. They are commonly called housesleeks and can be grown well in indoor as well as outdoor conditions.

Flowering: This succulent produces very beautiful little flowers. These plants give a flower when they mature. They are monocarpic and so the appearance of the flower means they will die off soon after.

Care: These succulents are highly drought tolerant. Growing and caring for them is easy. They are available in many nurseries. They require full sun, well-drained gritty soil. Also, they don’t require much fertilizer and should be given water only sometimes.

Graptopetalum Paraguayense ‘Ghost Plant’

Ghost plants can also be a good addition to your succulent collection. The leaves of these plants are thick, flat, and pointed. As per thespruce.com, these plants are native to Mexico and their bloom time is spring.

Flowering: This succulent gives beautiful star-shaped flowers that are in yellow color.

Care: Like most other succulents, a ghost plant requires less maintenance provided you fulfill its basic requirements.

Christmas Cactus

Flowering: They bloom during the winters as the name already suggests. Their flower color can be pink, red, purple, or orange.

Care: This Christmas cactus is easy to care for and since it propagates easily, it also forms an ideal case for giving it as a holiday gift

Sedum Treleasie

Sedum treleasie is quite an attractive-looking succulent and has thick fleshy, blue-green leaves. This succulent is native to Mexico.

Flowering: This plant produces star-shaped flowers that are bright in color. The flowers can appear from late winter to early spring on up to 6 inches long stalks.

Care: This succulent needs very little care. They can be grown in that area as well that has too much sun or very little water to grow any other plant.

Graptosedum ‘Francesco Baldi’

This succulent is a hybrid of Graptopetalum paraguayense ‘Ghost Plant’ and Sedum pachyphyllum ‘Jelly Beans’.This succulent is generally easy to propagate through seeds, leaf cuttings, or offsets.

Flowering: Its flowers also look like the cross between them. This plant produces star-shaped flowers that come in white or yellow color.

Care: Their care is similar to those of other succulents. They require a good amount of sunlight, gritty soil that is well-drained, regular watering in summer, minimal watering in winter, and fertilizing once during the growing season.

Haworthiopsis Attenuata ‘Zebra Plant’

This succulent is native to the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. It mostly resembles an aloe plant and actually, they both belong to the same subfamily.

Flowering: These plants bloom in the spring and summer months. They produce bell-shaped pale flowers. And also remember that not all plants will flower.

Care: These plants can tolerate a wide spectrum of lighting conditions. And so they are perfect as indoor plants.

Aeonium ‘Blushing Beauty’

This succulent can be a nice addition to your plant collection. It is a cross between two different aeoniums. It is best propagated by cuttings, leaves, offsets, or seeds.

Flowering: This succulent blooms in the spring. The flowers are generally pink or yellow in color.

Care: If taken good care of, this plant can look quite beautiful. This plant prefers full sun and can grow up to 60 cm. One thing to make sure is that these plants will die if you over water. So, water them adequately as per the requirement.

Desert Rose

Desert Rose is a slow-growing plant and it is often used as a bonsai. This plant is native to Africa, the Middle East, and Madagascar.

Flowering: This plant gives very beautiful flowers. Although it doesn’t flower always but when it does, it is truly remarkable.

Care: As per gardeningknowhow.com, desert roses are perfect for novice gardeners. Their care requires a full sun location and soil that is well-drained.


So these were some of the most beautiful flowering succulents that can be added to your plant collection. Generally, most succulents are easy to care for and hardy. So you can just plant flowering succulents and start enjoying their beauty in a hassle-free way.

Related FAQs:

Do Succulents Flower?

Yes, most succulents flower generally in the spring and summer. While some succulents also flower in the mid-winter. They, flower so that they can get pollinated and produce a bunch of seeds.

What Are The Most Colorful Succulents?

Sticks on Fire, Blue Glow “Agave”, Baby’s Necklace, Purple Beauty, Golden-Toothed Aloe, Sunset Jade, Morning Light Echeveria, Wooly Senecio, Bronze Graptosedum, Queen Victoria Agave, Sunburst Aeonium, Briar Rose Echeveria, Pink Moonstone are some of the most colorful succulents.

What Succulents Have Pink Flowers?

Crassula Ovata ‘Jade plant’, Crassula Rupestris ‘Baby’s Necklace’, Echeveria Elegans ‘Mexican Snowball’, Echeveria Peacockii, Oscularia Deltoides ‘Pink Ice Plant’, Sempervivum Arachnoideum ‘Cobweb Hens and Chicks’, are some of the succulents that have pink or pink shade flowers.

What Succulents Have White Flowers?

Crassula perforata ‘String of Buttons’, Crassula Pellucida ‘Calico Kitten’, Senecio rowleyanus ‘String of Pearls’, Senecio Radicans ‘String of Bananas’, Graptopetalum paraguayense ‘Ghost Plant’, Graptosedum ‘Francesco Baldi’, Crassula Ovata ‘Jade Plant’, Crassula Rupestris ‘Baby’s Necklace’, are some of the succulents that have white flowers.

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