Lilacs Can You Grow Lilacs Indoors?

Spring just would not be spring in our neck of the woods without the sweet smell of Lilacs flowers around the neighborhood. Good smell is an added element to our gardens that bring us such sweet delight. Lilacs actually thrive on neglect and care they provide a great way to welcome the coming of summer.

One of the great pleasures of spring is the sweet smell of Lilacs. There’s a Lilac planted right outside our window so we could enjoy the smell when it bloomed.

There are around 20 different types of lilacs and over 2,000 hybrids of the common lilac (Syringa Vulgaris).

Lilacs can you grow lilacs indoors? Yes, you can but most lilac types are not suitable for growing indoors because some grow to 30 feet tall. When picking a lilac plant, you should look for a dwarf variety or one that will stay small. If you restrict the roots too much the plants will not flower or grow.

Lilac Types and Sizes

Ranging from the common lilac to cultivars of the Asian variety, lilacs grow from 3 to 30 feet tall and 3 to 12 feet wide. A typical bush of old farmsteads and public parks, lilacs flower early in the spring. Its flowers are arranged in terminal panicles, which are bunches of blooms bunch at the end of branches.

Purple Lilacs
Purple Lilacs

Lilac flowers come in all shades of purple, lavender, pink and white. A vase filled with lilac flowers can fill an entire room with a sweet fragrance.

Often lilac hedges are grown, they can also be planted in the ground as a focal point in a smaller garden.

Choosing a Lilac Plant Pot

White Lilac
White Lilac

Even though growing a lilac tree in a pot is not recommended it can be done. There are a couple of reasons why lilacs are not usually grown in a container.

The first is that their root systems are extensive, frequently growing up to one and a half times the width of the bush. Second, its roots are prone to several diseases, which can weaken or kill the plant if they make their way into a container.

If you have limited space and want to enjoy the fragrant flowers of a lilac inside of your home, it’s important to choose the right pot and a suitable variety of lilac. It is recommended to use the largest pot possible for a lilac, 12 inches deep and 24 inches wide at a minimum.

Growing a Lilac in a Pot

After choosing a large pot and a lilac variety that’s a fit for indoor, it’s important to choose the right soil when growing a lilac bush indoors. Lilacs like neutral to slightly alkaline soil, and are prone to root decay when they are kept too wet.

An indoor lilac will need protection as lilac grows from cold temperatures. Simply cover it with a thick layer of mulch or cover the plant in the ground to insulate it.

So for you to enjoy the Lilac blooms inside, you must know some tips.

• First you should wait until the Lilac panicles are mostly in bloom.

• You should cut the stems when the weather is cool and put the cut stems into water.

• Then remove all the leaves from the cut stem.

• Then cut the stems and keep the container with the water in a cool, dark place for at least an hour.

• Cut the stems for a second time and then put the stems in a vase with clean water.

Final words

There are some lilac types that can be grown in a container, but other types will not survive for long when planted in a pot. Lilacs come in a wide range of sizes, so you should choose a suitable variety when planting a lilac tree in a pot.

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