Can Indoor Plants Live Forever?

I had a houseplant in my teens, and it has been 5 years, and I still have it. Such plants that last longer are really precious and remind you of your best days. But, if you are wondering whether a plant can last forever, then let me straighten it out for you.

Can houseplants live forever? No, but It’s certainly possible for houseplants to live for centuries. We found at least one Eastern Cape cycad houseplant that was documented to be potted back in 1775, and it’s still alive to this day. That makes it more than 242 years old!

But you certainly can do many things that can make your indoor plants last longer than ever. I have jotted down all those things to help you so, let’s get into it.

Why Can’t Houseplants Live Forever?

You might be wondering why indoor plants cannot live forever; well, that is because you cannot keep plants in a planter all their life. Your houseplants can live for several decades, and you can even pass them down as an heirloom, but it won’t be counted as forever.

Most houseplants don’t survive that long because they don’t get enough attention and care that they need to grow and last long. Also, even if you pay complete attention to your houseplants, they still won’t be able to grow more than a few hundred years.

Also, certain houseplants are really low-maintenance and hardy, which can live even longer than you, but obviously, forever is a pretty big claim. So, it is better if you don’t look for plants that can live forever but for ways to increase the life of your indoor plants.

That is the very reason why I have brought some tips for you so you can increase the life span of your indoor plants and avoid doing things that can potentially affect their growth.

How To Make Your Houseplants Live Longer?

If you follow the below-given steps, it is possible that your houseplants can live for decades, but you should know that as houseplants are also living things, they certainly will die one day, and all you can do is to just take care of them so they can live as long as possible.

Give Them Enough Food

There are so many fertilizers available in the market that can skyrocket the growth of your houseplant and make them last longer. If you fertilize your houseplants properly, they will last for several decades because they will be getting all the nutrition they need.

Also, make sure that you fertilize your indoor plants once or twice a year or whenever you are repotting them because it not only increases their life span but also makes them strong enough to fight all those scary bugs and pests.

Water Correctly

Your house plants need enough water to grow properly, and you need to figure out that the plant you are going for needs a lot of water or not. Watering can literally make or break your houseplant, and that is why it has such a profound effect on its life.

Some house plants need a lot of water like some of the Tropical plants, while the others don’t need a lot of water, and if you water them on a daily basis, they might die of overwatering like some of the succulents or cactus plants.

Give Them Light

Light is yet another very important factor when talking about the life of your house plant because if your houseplant does not get enough light, it might die within a few weeks. I have dozens of house plants, and I managed to maximize their lifespan by giving them enough sunlight every day.

But this is not applicable for all house plants because some of them cannot survive direct and bright sunlight, so it completely depends upon the nature of your plant. So, if you really want your plant to live a long and happy life, make sure to give them the light that they need, whether it is direct and bright light or indirect and shady light,

Know Your Houseplant

To increase the growth of your houseplants, you must know all about them and the things that can affect their growth. You need to know enough about your house plants and what type of light and soil can make your house plant thrive.

Also, learning a thing or two about your house plant and does not harm anyone And I have read dozens of articles and books about my house plants, and only then have I managed to create a luxurious and thriving garden of different house plants.

Indoor Plants That Live Long

So, if you are really up for that kind of commitment and you need a plant that lasts longer than ever, then make sure to get yourself one of these houseplants because they will be with you for several decades.

Devil’s Ivy

This house plant is one of the most low-maintenance plants you can ever find, and it is really common. You can even hang it on your walls and increase the overall aesthetic of your room. You can get it here from Amazon

The lifespan of this plant is around 5 to 10 years, but if you take care of it properly and water it regularly, it can grow and thrive for more than a few decades, which is enough to last your whole life.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are known as the hardiest and strongest plants because they cannot die no matter what you do. These plants last for several years, and if you are looking for a plant that lasts longer, this is just the right stop for you. You can check them out here on Amazon.

Also, these house plants don’t need a lot of water and attention, so they don’t take up a lot of your time. The house plants can survive in any type of light, whether it is light and shade D or direct and right, so you don’t need to worry about their survival because they can take care of themselves, and that is a very reason why they are one of the most long-lasting plants can ever get.

Spider Plants

Spider plants are one of the longest living plants available out there. These plants are very hard to kill, and they are really low maintenance, which is why they survive almost all conditions, making them strong and Hardy. Check it out on Amazon

Spider plant can live up to 20 years, but some of them are even known to live for several decades full stop one particular spider plant even live for 50 years which means you can even get a plan that you can pass to your next generation which is quite an interesting thing to do


So, sadly houseplants cannot last forever, but if you take care of them properly and give them enough attention, they can last for several decades, which means they can last for the rest of your life.

Consider taking care of your house plants as therapy and enjoy the time you spend with your plants because it is one of the most productive things you can do with your time. I try to spend at least an hour or two every week with my house plants, and I hope you do the same.

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