About Us

Hi, my name is Dean Jensen and I have been around plants all of my life. Everything from growing up on a farm, raising crops, milking cows, and raising a big garden as we had 10 kids in our family which requires a lot of food.

We also had lots of fruit trees of which we ate what we could and then canned the rest of what we would need until it was time to harvest them again

We have always had indoor house plants as well.

When I got married my wife was also into plants, so I have started to write about some of the things like different varieties, things you need to grow them, how to water and fertilize them, and lots of things related to plants and what their needs and requirements are.

My hope is that you will get some good information that will help you love and enjoy plants as much as we do.

Thanks for taking the time to read the about us page.

Dean Jensen