How To Care for Cactus House Plants

When I became a new plant parent, my first choice was cactus because I thought it is easy to take care of cactus as compared to other indoor plants. It has been three years now, and I have finally realized that taking care of a cactus is not a piece of cake.

When anyone asks me how to care for cactus houseplants, my answer is always that cactus needs a lot of attention. They belong to a drier habitat, but it does not mean they don’t require water at all so, they require water weekly and also a proper drainage system.

So, if you are eager to know about the tips and tricks on how to take proper care of your cactus, keep reading because I got you covered.

Tips To Take Care of Cactus

Assorted Indoor Cactus
Assorted Indoor Cactus

Even though your cactus might look hardy and robust, but it needs every bit of care and attention. As your cactus gives your house a perfect boho vibe, I am giving you some tips to maintain the health of your deary cactus plant.

Give Them Some Light

The first treat you can give to your cactus plant is to provide proper light. You can place them near open spaces or windows so that your plants can soak up the goodness from the sunlight.

But, ensure that you are not placing your cactus under direct sunlight because it can potentially turn the leaves yellow. Also, the amount of light your cactus needs depends upon the type of cactus you have, so do some research on your cactus first.

Choose The Right Soil

If you want your cacti to thrive, you need to pick just the right soil type for them. There are many types of compost and potting soil available easily in gardening stores. Make sure that you choose the potting soil that is made explicitly for cacti.

When you check the potting soil for cacti, it will have slightly bigger grains and rocks. Also, this type of soil helps with improved drainage and provides all the nutrition your plant needs for growth.

Know When to Water

As cactus is usually found in deserts, people assume that it does not really need water for months. But you need to know that cactus can survive without water, but it still needs water for healthy growth.

You have to water them every once a week to ensure their growth. Also, make sure that you are not overwatering your cacti, and for that, you need to check the soil before watering. If it is wet, you don’t have to water, but you are good to go if it is dry.

Give Them a Makeover

Give a little makeover to your cacti because they deserve it. Place them in trendy new pots or ceramic plates. You can also pick the type of container that goes with the theme of your room to enhance its appearance.

If you need a hint of color in your room, you can add different types of cacti in one pot and add some rocks to give them a perfectly aesthetic vibe. For minimalistic home d├ęcor, smaller cacti do best.

Feed Them

Even if you are giving your cactus all the care in the world, but it can still face a nutrient deficiency of some kind. To make sure that your cactus stays super-healthy, you need to feed it fertilizers.

You can get a fertilizer specifically for cactus from any local gardening shop. You can feed your plant with fertilizer once every month to ensure they get all the necessary nutrition. Fertilizers also help your cacti to fight harmful diseases.

Common Mistakes That Can Kill Your Cactus

The biggest threat to cacti plants is the assumptions of people. You might be thinking that these plants are invincible and really strong, and nothing can kill them, but in reality, these plants are pretty easy to kill.

Let me walk you through all the mistakes you usually make that can potentially kill your houseplants in the long run.

Indoor Cactus
Indoor Cactus

Lack Of Aeration

Millennials sometimes are really inconsiderate and do random stuff just for the sake of aesthetics. For instance, I have seen many people keep their cactus inside closed jars to get some Instagram-friendly pictures.

You need to acknowledge that this jar can be the death of your cactus because they need a lot of air to survive, and if you put them in a closed container just for fun, they will not be able to survive.

If you really want your cacti to look aesthetic yet stay alive, you can simply place them in a fishbowl, and voila.

Same Watering Routine

If you are following the same watering routine for your plant throughout the year, you are making a big mistake. You need to water your cactus according to the season and climate, so you don’t mistakenly over or underwater your plant.

For example, your cactus does not need a lot of water in winters, and it can survive quite easily without water for two weeks or so. But, in summers, they need water every week, which means you cannot follow the same watering routine or you will kill your cactus.


It might be a shock to you, but yes, people overwater their cacti sometimes. In fact, it is a pretty common cause of the death of the cactus plant. As discussed earlier, you need to check your soil from root to surface to see whether it is completely dry or not.

If they are completely dry, you can water them. Also, you can water or mist your cacti once a week for perfect growth. Do not be overburdened by worrying about how much to water because once your soil is wet, you can stop watering.


I hope you will not make any mistakes while taking care of your cactus, as it can cost you your dear plant’s life. If you follow all my tips, your cactus can really thrive. Also, don’t forget to re-pot it in a new container once in a while to improve growth.

Lastly, I wish you the very best of luck in taking care of your cactus. Be gentle and be consistent; you will be a great plant parent.

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