Why Do Plants Need Water? Let Me Tell You Why.

Water is the essence of life. Every living organism on this planet, in one way or the other, depends on water. This dependence is because water is inside cells, and cells are the building blocks of every living organism on Earth. Without water, plants, animals, and other life forms couldn’t exist. There would be not even one cell left as a testimony of the vast life across the globe that we have now.

Why Do Plants Need Water? Let Me Tell You Why. All living things need water to survive and because plants are about 85 percent water. They need water for photosynthesis takes sunlight and converts it to chemical energy. Water also helps to move nutrients that are in the soil into the plant which helps it grow.

After we understand the crucial role of water in the ecosystem and its impact on life, we can analyze the capacity and for what purposes the plants need water.

Water Helps the Seeds

To start from the very birth of the plant as most of the plants are reproducing through seeds. For germination, forming a root, stems, and leaves, a seed needs to find itself in an environment that contains water like moist soil, humid air, or in some plant species, be submerged entirely in water.

The reason for this is that plant grows by multiplying cells. The more water there is in the environment, the faster and bigger plant will grow. That is why there are significantly more plants in rainforests than in deserts.

Plants Need Water to Feed

Plants don’t feed on water, but they need water to absorb nutrients from the soil. Microorganisms that live in the soil and help break down or create nutrients also need water to survive. No matter how rich in nutrients, dry soil will not benefit the plant unless there is enough moisture in it.

Another type of feed and energy comes through photosynthesis, which is plants’ ability to transform the sun’s energy into glucose. The plant is breaking apart the water molecules in its system with the help of the sunlight to form glucose, and without enough water to break apart, the plant cannot complete this vital process.

Different Plants Need Different Water Amounts

House plants come from every corner of the world. It is not uncommon to find plants from tropical areas, deserts, and even water plants in the same room and next to each other.

Depending on their natural environment from where they come, each type of plant adjusted to the water supply in that environment.

That means that even if we move a plant adjusted to desert living conditions with a lack of water to a highly moist and humid area, the plant will suffer and eventually die.

The knowledge about our house plants, where they are coming from, and their needs in nature are essential for success.

House Plants with Moderate Water Requirements


Plants that are coming from high humid areas and with lots of rain are not necessarily from the same climate but are accustomed to similar living conditions rich with water. Plants like Dieffenbachia, Ficus, Fern, Orchids, and even Palms or Conifers require a consistent water supply.

Depending on the other factors like room temperature and light exposure, water in the soil and the air should be regulated but never left without for long periods.

House Plants with Minimal Water Requirements

Very popular groups of house plants are cacti and succulents. These are the plants that evolved to survive in dry areas with only occasional water supplies. Cacti and succulents manage to stay alive and do photosynthesis by storing water inside their fleshy bodies.

These specific needs don’t mean that plants from these groups can survive without water but go for longer periods of drought. They still, however, need periodical “flood” or soaking in water to restore their reserves and grow.

House Plants with Constant Water Requirements

Water Plants
Water Plants

Not as widespread as tropical or desert plants, water plants are a favorite group for many people. These exotic plants are kept entirely or partially submerged in water. For these plants, water is not only a tool to get food or process photosynthesis, but it’s the environment without which they cannot survive.

Water plants need constant water in the aquariums or terrariums where they are usually kept.


Water is crucial for all of our plants to survive and thrive. The best ally in accomplishing this is knowledge about specific plant and their needs. Plants don’t require much from us, but they give so much more. Take good care of them and never forget that they are just as alive as we are.

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