How to Grow Succulents from Seeds

Generally, there are many simple ways to get succulents. You can just go to your local nursery or you can even look online. Moreover, you may even get a succulent as a gift.

But still, there are certain succulents that aren’t that easy to find. So growing them from seeds is the only best option that remains.

Also, it is also quite exciting to grow your own succulent from seeds and even give gifts to your friends and family members later, isn’t it?

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Here’s how you can grow succulents from seeds:

Select The Right Seeds

Selecting good-quality succulent seeds from a trusted source is quite important.

The quality of the seeds will determine whether or not they will germinate properly. And getting succulent seeds from a trusted source is also very important.

Generally, succulents are very small so you can’t always identify them just by physically looking at them. So make sure to get from someone whom you trust.

If you have a trustable local nursery then it is best to get the seeds from there. However, if you are going to buy online then be careful to check the reviews.

You don’t want to buy the succulent seeds and later on realize that they are not really succulent seeds, right? So make sure to check the description and reviews online when you get the seeds.

Now after you have collected the seeds the next thing is to choose the container.

Choose the Container

seed starter tray
seed starter tray

You can use a flat tray or if you like DIY stuff then you can even make your own container.

The tray should contain proper drainage holes. Generally, you can get the seeds in starting trays for planting your succulent seeds.

There are reusable seed starter trays available. So you can select any container of your choice and start the further process.

Do make sure that the container tray is cleaned and rinsed properly before using.

Add the Growing Media

After selecting the seeds and the container it is important to add the growing media. But it is also important to choose the right growing media.

As per, the compost of sand and peat is the best soil for succulent seedlings.

You can also use vermiculite and coco peat mix as the growing media. You can take an equal amount of both and just mix them and you can use them.

However, do make sure that the substrate you are selecting is properly sterilized. Young plants are generally susceptible to bacteria.

Also, make sure that the substrate or the growing media you are selecting is porous and it is able to drain out properly.

Now after you have selected the media. Carefully fill all the slots of your seed tray or container and then move on to the next process of adding the seeds.

Add The Seeds to The Growing Media

Succulent seeds are very small so you have to be quite careful while handling those seeds. Choose a place where there’s not much wind blowing. Also, use clean and clean tools while planting the seeds.

Have you seen poppy seeds? The succulent seeds are probably going to be of that size or even smaller.

First spread the seeds a little bit on the sheet of paper. Then, slowly start to pick a few seeds and add them to the slots or sections of the container.

As a general rule of thumb, try to put a max of 3 seeds in each section. Try to place the seeds a little apart from each other so that each seed has enough space to grow.

Make sure that the growing medium is damp enough otherwise your seeds wouldn’t stick to the substrate.


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Cover The Seeds Properly

Now since the seeds are quite small you should only press them very lightly on the substrate.

If you have used the vermiculite and coco peat mixture as the substrate. Then you can sprinkle over some amount of very fine sand to cover the seeds.

However, again saying, the seeds are quite small so you have to cover them very lightly with sand.

As a general rule of thumb regarding seed germination, you can remember this: The thicker the seed is, the thicker the soil layer should be above it.

According to, as succulent seeds are quite small you can even avoid covering them with soil.

Now once you have sown the succulent seeds and have covered them with an adequate layer of a substrate. Now it’s time to move on to the next step.

Water The Seeds

While watering you have to be very careful. Do very light water spray over the seeds.

If you have planted them on the seed starting tray then you can also spray just on the edges of the slot. This will prevent disruption in the setup of the seeds on the substrate.

You can also water the seeds with another method. You have to first fill some water in a bigger tray. And then place your seed tray in it.

So as the seed starting tray has some drainage holes, watering the seeds becomes easy. Once you start to see sprouts then you can spray water from above.

Once you have done all these, you can even cover the seed tray with a sheet of paper. You even cover the seed tray with a plastic dome.

The main reason behind covering the tray is to help the seeds to retain moisture. This also prevents the seeds from drying out.

The ideal temperature range is between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, similar to most indoor plants. A plastic dome or any kind of coverage also helps to keep the warmth.

You can also have a look at this video about how to grow succulents from seeds:


So, I hope now you know how to exactly grow succulents from seeds. Generally, seeds take around 5-10 days to germinate. However, if climate or conditions are not that suitable then the seeds may even take up to 15 days to germinate.

Note that, as per, some seeds may take several months to a year to germinate. Therefore, it is important to research the particular succulent seed you want to grow and set expectations accordingly.

Although, if you have used good quality seeds and the right growing media then you should not worry. Your seeds will hopefully germinate and grow well into a beautiful succulent

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