Do Humidifiers Help Houseplants?

Nobody wants to see their plants suffer in the wintertime. This happens sometimes due to the lack of humidity in the air. Since there are many plants that differ from one another, some of them need extra moisture in the air for them to thrive and grow.

But in the wintertime, the warmer heat in the room might feel good but it is not always a comfort zone for the plants. The heat in the air can hurt the plant’s development as they would lack one of the basic requirements to run their system.

Yes, humidifiers can and will help your houseplants, especially in the colder months. This is because you turn on your heat to keep you warm but it also dries out the air for your plants. So a humidifier can be a great benefit for your plants to help get them the moisture that they need.

In the wintertime, because of this heat in your home, a humidifier can help get the moisture up in the room so that your plants can continue to grow and be healthy


The temperatures are never consistent in any house. Some people have their place extra warm in the winter, as they love to warm up the entire house, this process automatically dries up the whole place.

Warming Up the place too much will take away most or all the humidity in the air. Then all you will be left with is dryness, and after some time you can see the dryness in the air even affecting your skin. So you can guess what kind of effect lack of humidity can have on the plants if it can make our skin dry.

Why Is Temperature Important To Plants?

When it comes to plants, when they lack humidity and have to face dryness all the time, their moisture will take the heat.

When the process of lack of moisture begins, you will see that the leaf edges will start to turn brown. This is usually the sign of a plant needing more water and a more humid environment.

Only by giving them both things can you turn the plant back to normal or else they will get crisper and browner, eventually the plant will if proper action is not taken.

There are plenty of ways you can increase the humidity in the air without turning down the heat for the room. Removing heat in the winter might not be a great idea to go for, since there are different techniques that you can use to get the humidity back in the air, so our plant will have moisture to survive in the heat.

Ways to Raise the Humidity in the Air

To raise the humidity, you can try misting the leaves with distilled water. Applying this technique will increase the moisture of the plant by a lot.

If a plant is in the process of drying up, then you can apply a decent amount of distilled water to it, you have to repeat this process several times a day.

This is one of the effective ways to deal with moisture on dry days. If you don’t want to break your bank, then this method is one of the most effective and cheapest methods to help your plants.

Using Pebble Trays

Another way to raise the Humidity is by pebble trays. You need to place the plants on the pebble trays, so the plants would get the much-needed humidity from the pebbles.

To start this process, you need to clean the pebbles. Then place the pebbles on the tray and add some water. The next step is you place the plants on top of the tray.

After a while the water from the pebble tray will slowly evaporate around the plant, this will give the plants much-needed humidity or moisture. Again if you don’t want to spend too much money on plants, then you can use a pebble tray to bring back humidity in the air.

There are more effective solutions, but if you have a smaller garden area, and don’t want to pay too much attention to the problem. Taking this approach would help your plants survive in the winter.

Giving Plants a Shower

Giving your plant a shower will restore the humidity in the air. Many people like to place plants in the bathroom since the bathroom is the most humid area in the entire house.

You can place the plants in the bathroom so they would get a steady rate of humidity, or give them a wash or bath to restore the humidity.

If you have a plant that requires high humidity compared to others, then you need to give those plants a little lukewarm shower for about 30 seconds. This will help your plant’s condition over the winter.

Adding a Humidifier

The best way to give your plants humidity is by installing a humidifier in the house. Mostly, in the summer months, people usually turn off their humidifiers.

But in winter you can use the machine to give your plants some humidity, especially in the area where most plants are placed. There are a lot of humid-loving plants in the world, if you happen to have one, then using a humidifier will help the plant a lot.

There is also a problem that you might have to deal with when you install a machine such as a humidifier it might create the growth of mold and water damage in the house. The only way to avoid these disasters from happening is by placing the humidifier off of the floor than placing it directly on the floor.

A humidifier is the best way to restore humidity but it will cost you to purchase one. If you don’t have too many plants in your house, you can use the shower or the distilled water approach to restore the humidity in the air without paying anything at all.

Regular maintenance of and creating a perfect humidity environment for the plants will be the best way to deal with the dryness.


These are the options you have to restore humidity in your home. If you have plants that require a lot of humidity to continue to grow, then you should think about getting a humidifier. Or you can follow some of the other methods to create a perfect humid environment for the plants.

Humidity is a must-have for the plant, or it will start to get dried up pretty quickly and will soon mess up the entire place. Creating a humid environment is the only way to deal with the dryness of the plant. The method above will produce great results if you follow any one of them.

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