Do Houseplants Absorb Radon?

Plants are seen as nature’s solution for most of the pollution issues that we face in our modern lives. So, do houseplants absorb Radon? There is still so much that we still don’t know about plants and the effects that they have on us and the air around us.

In our lives, we face industrial waste, toxins, and byproducts that come from our daily activities. These materials aren’t a threat to our lives but when they start to accumulate in the corners of our room then you need to take the necessary steps to prevent them from growing and making the whole place hazardous.

Do Houseplants Absorb Radon?

The answer is no because radon is considered a Noble gas and it rarely interacts chemically with other substances. Plants on the other hand only deal with toxins by interacting with them chemically, since radon is a Noble gas, plants won’t be able to deal with Radon. What is Nobel gas?

While the chances of removal are not sitting at 0%, there is a chance that plants might temporarily suppress radon, but it will still be there in your room emitting radiation. If the radon amount is high, then you have to look for other ways to deal with the problem than relying on the plants to take care of them.

Plants are known to have properties that deal with air pollutants that ruin the environment of the house. In major cities having some greenery around is considered a healthy lifestyle as they breathe in the Co2 in the air through the process of photosynthesis and then produce oxygen.

As in most metro cities, carbon dioxide is a frequent problem that people have to face throughout the day. Having some greenery will help the environment be cleaner and healthier for the people who want to live in a city.

When you take the environment of a house, several plants can improve the air quality and keep the whole room fresh throughout the day without the use of any chemical infused product. That is why you would see high numbers of plants placed in offices and major work areas.

They are not there to make the place look better or signal a style to people. The plants are set to absorb chemicals that get out of the copiers, printers, and adhesives. This is how effective a plant is in dealing with all those chemicals in the air.

Questions like these always get floated on the internet by many users who are interested in getting Radon out of their place. If you are planning to remove radon out of your house, it is rather impossible to do that, instead of that, you need to focus on the concentration of radon.

You can never get rid of radon out of your home, the best thing you can do is to reduce the concentration level of radon. But the amount of radon will always be higher than 0. Don’t start investing to much of your time to apply changes to reduce the amount of Radon out of your house.

First, you have to spend some time testing the concentration of radon in your place. Then you can take the effective steps that deal with the concentration directly. To make the right system to deal with your Radon crisis, you need to take some tests.

There are various test kits available in the market that would allow you to test the target level of Radon in your household. It will take around a few days to get the result. After you get the results, then you can send them to a lab for processing.

If that is too much, then you can hire a certified radon specialist. If the specialist is qualified then they will know what’s wrong with the radon level in your house instantly and will be able to layout a perfect plan that can help you deal with the situation without making the problem worse.

How Do You Handle Radon?

The most effective way to deal with Radon in your household is by using an active soil depressurization system. This system will do a wonderful job of pulling the radon out of the soil, so the radon won’t have any chance to enter the house.

Before installing this device, an inspection of your whole house is needed to recommend a correct system. This can only be done by a certified radon specialist.

Other solutions include the construction of a heavy-duty membrane to stop the flow of radon coming through the floor this will stop the amount of radon in your house.

You can install a venting system to help get the radon out of the house. If the amount of radon in your house is low then you can take these steps to reduce it.

Here is a sidewall radon mitigation system that you can check out on Amazon

Other methods include using exhaust fans, filling up the cracks of your basement, air vents, and others to reduce the overall amount of radon from your house. The prominent reason why people have so much radon in their place is that no preventive methods were used in the initial part of the construction.

Again, if the amount of radon is low in your house, then make sure to invest in something a little bit more expensive than going out to buy a whole new system. That is why many of the radon removal programs begin with an expert.

A radon specialist will let you know where the problem is and the steps you can follow to deal with it. These are the only ways you can reduce the concentration of radon in your house.


While plants will help you deal with plenty of chemicals that are often found in the air, but when it comes to radon, the effects of the plants are less.

If you are in a situation where you are dealing with a higher concentration of radon, then you need to look into other systems rather than being reliant on plants to take care of it. Follow the guidelines above to ensure the Radon level stays at a minimal rate without jumping off the roof.

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