Can You Put a Plant Next To a Radiator?

Air ventilation is something that most people forget when they plan the hobby of gardening but it is as important as other activities related to the plant.

The environment around the plant should take your highest priority, the life of the plant depends on the environment that it is part of. If the environment around the plants carries all the ingredients that a plant needs to survive on a daily basis, then the plant will grow faster and have a healthy system.

Winter can be unforgiving for the plants, as you have to switch to a new lifestyle that is completely different from others. Your plants will also need a new level of attention if you want them to function properly. If not, winter can turn your lively plant into a brown bunch of wilting leaves.

Placing any plant next to a radiator is a bad idea for your plants. Especially if there is no space around the radiator, then the plants will dry up faster. They will have no moisture because the heat from the radiator will create hot dry air around the plant so they could wilt and probably die.

The air in winter brings less moisture and is more dried up than regular air. In a cohort, plants can’t expect to get the same humidity as they do in other seasons. For winter they have to make a switch to another source. Now there are ways to improve the humidity in the air without scarifying the heat.

If you are in this situation, then taking the plant out of the place of the radiator zone to somewhere the plant will get access to air, and the sunlight will be a better idea. In winter, you will have to water them on a daily basis. If you don’t change your routine, then the greenery that you are seeing right now in the plants will be gone in a second.

What Is More Important To The Plant?

The best thing for the plant to stay alive is the environment of the surroundings. It doesn’t matter if your apartment is large or small, where you put your plant, that environment should be dedicated to the plants only.

The temperature will also play a role in the development of the plant. Some plants will handle the humidity in the air well, while some plants will suffer from having too much heat in the environment.

They do not generally have to deal with any of this. If a plant lacks humidity, then it will suffer in the long run. The plant needs moisture to continue other vital processes in its system. Many recommend getting a humidifier or any other method to keep the plants humid.

There are plants that can handle the humidity well and will be able to withstand cold, but for houseplants, you need to take care of them regularly, or they will take quite a lot of damage.

Setting up the right environment is crucial for the health of the plant. Placing them next to the radiator might not be a great place for the plants. If you have installed your radiator right next to a window, then you can think about placing your plants around it.

But they should be on a hanger for safety. To be more precise, they are hanged 3 feet off the floor for safety reasons.

Why Placing The Plant Next To a Radiator Is a Bad Idea?

Household Radiator Heater
Household Radiator Heater

If you place your plants right next to the radiator, then you will vastly increase the chance of less humidity in the air, which will make the plants less moisturized.

This dry air will be a huge problem to face for the plants in the winter. In this season, people tend to open their air vents and turn on the heater for warmer rooms. This sucks out the humidity out of the air, this will make the plants suffer.

Make sure to place your plants anywhere else besides next to your radiator if you can. If you are planning to place it there, then make sure the plant is a bit higher than the radiator, next to a window.

Some plants are more susceptible to dry heat than others, especially the plants who are more dependent on the humidity than others they will suffer more by sitting next to the radiator.

The heat from the redirect can be pretty intense for the houseplants, even most human beings can’t sit next to radiators. Plants will be in an uncomfortable position too when they get placed next to a radiator.

Placing it up from the radiator is the only way you can get the plants to have air ventilation that doesn’t get infrared by the heat from the radiator.

Consistency in maintenance is the key to the plant’s survival. If you lack any of them, then the plant will suffer from negligence. Make sure to change your routine based on the seasons, every season demands some change in the daily routine of taking care of plants.

Taking care of the plants is easy the only thing you have to do is add consistency to the maintenance of plants. Then you will see the plants staying healthy all throughout the year without any sign of damage.


Yes, putting the plant next to a radiator is a bad idea on so many levels. The lack of humidity already in cold weather is an environmental change for the plants.

Then adding a radiator into the mix will make the plant less healthy and more dried up, so the leaves will turn brown crisp and will fall right away.

This can happen in mere days, the only way you prevent it is by placing it somewhere where all the ingredients are needed to carry the normal process of plants without any interference.

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