Tips To Revitalize Houseplants and Keep Them Alive In Winter

In the beginning, I have lost so many of my houseplants because I did not know how to take care of them during winter.

So, if you are going through the same thing, then this guide is just right for you because I am listing some of the best ways to revitalize your houseplants in the winter and all the tips that I have gotten from my personal experience.

So, let’s dig in the good stuff right away!

Do Winters Kill Houseplants?

Winter is not necessarily the ideal time of the year for your houseplants because it can be really harsh on them, and they can even die of frost. That is why you need to keep your plants alive during the winter so they can bloom all summer.

Your plants don’t get enough sunlight in the winter because it is winter, which also affects their health particularly. Moreover, the temperatures are really low in winters, and your houseplants are not used to such temperatures.

Also, your plants can die because of watering as well. We are used to watering our plants often in summers, and we don’t really change it in winters while, in winters, your plants don’t need that much water, and they can die of overwatering as well.

Also, people often leave their plants on the windows, and that is where the threat comes. In winters, plants can get frostbites and can potentially die if plants are placed on the window for long periods of time.

5 Tips to Keep Your Houseplants Alive in Winter

If you are tired of trying every remedy to keep your houseplants alive and still you have failed, don’t worry because the below-given tips will help you a lot for the winter care of your plants.

Increase The Indoor Humidity

Your plants need higher humidity levels, especially in winters when everything is so dry and harsh. The humidity level for the plant should at least be 50% which is not really possible with all those windows closed and without a humidifier.

So, make sure to get a good quality humidifier and place your houseplants near it so they can soak up all the good from it. Also, it is better to place your houseplants in the group in winter because plants also release some moisture, and in this way, they can increase the overall humidity for each other.

You can place them near your bathroom as well because, with all the hot showers, the humidity level is pretty much increased, which is good for your houseplants in winters and can save them from dying.

Also, a bowl of water tends to be a good source of humidity for your houseplants if you place it near the plant, as the evaporating water will create enough humidity to be sufficient for it. Also, when spraying your houseplant with water, make sure that the water’s temperature is not too cold.

Room temperature water is just right for your houseplants because too hot or too cold water will potentially kill them instead of saving so, give it a go and thank me later.

Give Them Enough Sunlight

Sunlight is very rare in winters, and if your houseplants don’t get enough sunlight, their growth can stop, their leaves can wilt, and above all, they can potentially die, and that is why you must find a spot for your houseplant where it can get enough sunlight.

Many plants, especially tropicals, are sensitive to cold air. They’ll drop leaves like crazy when it gets drafty! To fix this problem, make sure your windows are sealed and insulated, or that your plants are moved out of the reach of cold drafty areas like windowsills and doorways.

Frosty Window
Frosty Window

I usually place my houseplants near the window but not too close. Because many plants, especially tropicals, are sensitive to cold air. They’ll drop leaves like crazy when it gets drafty! To fix this problem, make sure your windows are sealed and insulated, or that your plants are moved out of the reach of cold drafty areas like windowsills and doorways. But whenever I see sunlight, I give a good soak to my houseplants. Also, I keep rotating the plants after a while of soaking in the sun so that all the parts of the plants get equal sunlight.

If you live in an extremely cold area where getting sunlight for houseplants is nearly impossible, then you can get those artificial lights that are readily available in the market now, and they can help your plant survive in one such critical situation.

Know That They Are Resting

Winter ideally is the resting season for your plants, and you are not going to see a lot of growth in this season so, sit back and don’t overwater your plant just to see a few leaves pop up from somewhere because they are not going to.

I personally stop using the fertilizers as well, and you should do the same because your plants are obviously not actively growing so, there is no purpose in putting more and more food there when they are not even going to use it.

It is better if you just cut back on water and fertilizers in the winter season and just water the houseplants occasionally; otherwise, the leaves of your houseplants will start wilting, and you will see whole loads of bugs revolving around your plant, which you certainly don’t want to, right?

Maintain Moderate Temperature

I know it is winter, but that does not mean you will place your houseplant next to your fireplace. You are not supposed to expose your houseplants to any type of extreme temperatures because they can die because of it.

This is a pair of Temperature and Humidity Gauges on Amazon

To keep your houseplants alive in winter, maintain a moderate temperature of 50-75F in your house, and your plants will thank you. Also, don’t make a lot of changes in the temperature again and again.

Constant fluctuations in temperature can also affect your houseplants drastically, and they can even end up dying, which you most certainly don’t want so, give them the temperature they want and deserve.

Clean The Houseplant

You don’t want to overwater your houseplant, but that does not really mean that you cannot even clean them. Plants tend to get a lot of infections, and if they are not clean, they can also attract pests and bugs that can eat off all your leaves and kill the plants.

All, of the dirt on the surface of leaves, will interrupt the process of photosynthesis, and your plant won’t be able to make food for itself. It becomes a pretty big problem if your plant dies of malnutrition.

You can spray your houseplant with water and clean them gently with paper towels without putting a lot of pressure on them. Also, you are not supposed to re-pot your houseplants in winter so, cleaning them makes things a little better as you don’t want to come home to a plant filled with bugs.

You can even chop off a few wilted or infectious leaves if you want. They certainly won’t come back anytime soon, but if you don’t get rid of them immediately, they can potentially kill your houseplant, and that is not what you want, right?


Keeping houseplants alive in the winter is not less than a hassle, and there is a lot that goes into it. You need to pay attention to how your plant is doing, and if there is any sign of wilting or not otherwise, you might lose your plant.

Also, make sure to close all the windows properly at night because frost can also kill your houseplants, and bringing them back to life from that condition is really difficult.

Wishing you all the luck for a safe winter!

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