How To Care For A Christmas Cactus (10 Important Tips)

Meta: Christmas cacti come with beautiful red blooms in the winter season and are a favorite at Christmas time! Here are ten tips on taking care of these plants!

Christmas cacti are a beautiful addition to any home during the holiday season. But if you want your cactus to thrive and not just survive, you must know how to care for it!

To care for a Christmas cactus, you must be mindful of its environmental needs. The cacti do best in bright, indirect sunlight, cooler temperatures, and a humidity level of around 40%. They will also need fertilizer and insecticide during growth seasons and may need pruning and repotting a few times as they grow.

This blog post will share 10 tips for keeping your Christmas cactus healthy and looking great. Read on for all of our best advice!

Tips for Caring for a Christmas Cactus

A Christmas cactus is a succulent plant native to Brazil that blooms between December and February, earning it its festive name. It’s coming close to the holiday season, and you probably have a Christmas cactus that you’ve been given as a gift or purchased for yourself.

Caring for Your Christmas Cactus

These plants are easy to care for and can add festive decor to your home during the holidays. Here are some tips on how to care for your Christmas cactus:

Make Sure It is in Bright Light

Your Christmas cactus source needs light to survive, but a common mistake that some beginners can make is to place them in direct sunlight. Source

This can cause the plant to burn and cause damage to its leaves. Therefore, you should ensure it is in bright but indirect light. If the leaves begin to turn red or orange, this is a sign that the plant is getting too much light.

Water Properly

Your Christmas cactus will need regular watering, but be careful not to overwater. Allow the soil to dry out before giving it a good drink. And be sure to water from the bottom by filling up the tray or saucer and allowing the plant to absorb moisture through its roots.

These plants also prefer a somewhat humid environment. One way to provide this humidity is to use an automatic humidifier, but you can also mist the plant regularly or set it on a pebble tray filled with water.

Fertilize During the Growing Season

During spring and summer, fertilize your Christmas cactus every two weeks with a balanced liquid fertilizer you can get them here on Amazon. But you can skip fertilization altogether during fall and winter when it’s not actively growing.

Provide Enough Space for Growth

Christmas cacti can grow quite large, so ensure enough space for them to spread out. Repotting may be necessary every few years or if you notice the roots growing through the drainage holes.

The best way to know when it is time to repot is to gently remove the plant from its pot and check the root system. To repot the plant, use a pot one size larger and fill it with cactus potting mix These are both available on Amazon. Move the cactus into the new pot and water the pot well.

Support Branches for Heavy Bloom

Due to all the flowers, your Christmas cactus may have heavy branches during the blooming season. Make sure to support these branches with a stake or trellis to prevent them from drooping or breaking.

These items are available on Amazon. You can use decorative arrangements to make your cacti stand out even more.

Be Mindful of the Temperature

Christmas cacti prefer cooler temperatures and can suffer if kept in a warm room. Avoid placing them near heating vents or fireplaces, and keep them away from drafts coming from open windows or doors.

In the summer or spring, they will do best if placed outside in a shaded area.

Watch Out for Pests

Unfortunately, Christmas cacti attract pests such as mealybugs, spider mites, and scale. Keep an eye out for any abnormal growth or discoloration on the leaves, and treat with a bar of mild insecticidal soap found on Amazon if necessary.

Aside from the soap, you can also try using natural alternatives, such as neem oil, found on Amazon to keep pests away.

Prune as Needed

You can trim your Christmas cactus to maintain its shape or encourage more blooming. Use sharp, clean scissors available on Amazon to cut back leggy or overgrown sections in the spring before new growth begins. This will help provide a fuller appearance all year round.

Consider Propagating

If your Christmas cactus is thriving, you can propagate it to create new plants. This can be done by carefully removing a stem with several leaves and allowing it to root in moist potting soil.

Propagation also requires that you care for specific requirements of the Christmas cactus, such as the light and temperature mentioned above.

Be Patient

The most important tip for caring for your Christmas cactus is to have patience! These plants grow slowly and may not bloom yearly, so don’t expect instant gratification.

Keep up with proper care; eventually, your plant will reward you with beautiful blooms during the holiday season.

Why You Should Get A Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus delivers on the charm its name carries – the plant looks festive and at home during the holiday season. But it’s more than just an excellent decoration for your holiday parties.

The Christmas cactus is known for being a low-maintenance and hardy plant, able to withstand lower light conditions and infrequent watering. It also blooms beautifully during winter, adding some much-needed color in the otherwise drab season.


With a bit of care and patience, your Christmas cactus can thrive and add some holiday cheer to your home for many years. So consider adding one to your plant collection this season! We hope these tips have helped you understand what your Christmas cactus will need to make it to the holiday season!

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