What Is the Most Expensive Bonsai Tree?

Bonsai trees are becoming more and more popular in the last few years. This ancient Japanese art with trees comes in different shapes and forms, planted in shallow decorative trays.

They are perfect for keeping them in your garden as a focal point in some corner or in the middle of the room.
While I was searching to buy one, I wondered what is the most expensive Bonsai Tree and here is what I found.

The most expensive bonsai that has ever been sold is one that sold for 1.3 million dollars at the international Bonsai convention that is located in Takamatsu, Japan a white pine bonsai tree reportedly over 800-years-old. It is not uncommon for a well-developed one to sell around 100,00 U.S.Dollars.

I also came across a lot of different varieties in the tree species and their development. Some look like the dwarf size of a tree, and others look like a young branch stuck in a pot.

Another significant difference is the range of prices for these plants. Some go for 20$ and some of the more developed to a couple of hundreds.
Browsing through this rainbow of prices, I started wondering about the upper price limit for a bonsai tree.

To a beginner, this vast range in price can be confusing. Even bonsai trees that look similar to an inexperienced eye, the cost can differ in thousands of dollars. So, what is the reason that makes this difference?

What Forms a Bonsai’s Value?

Plant species that are more difficult to train will get a higher value. How well the bonsai tree resembles a full-size tree will significantly increase the value. The older the bonsai becomes, the bigger is the resemblance.

The Pine tree bonsai is considered among the hardest bonsai to care for, due to its growth pattern. Cultivating pine bonsai can be quite difficult because they are among the hardest tree species to turn into bonsai

Knowing the factors that influence the price forming makes me wonder what is so special about that million-dollar bonsai tree to make it irresistible to a buyer?

Why Is It the Most Expensive?

These bonsai can be centuries old, which means that generations of masters dedicated their time and skills to form this tree. The shape is identical to a regular pine tree, and it’s in top condition regarding its health and progress. These qualities placed its value at the highest level.

The Future of Bonsai Trees Art

Bonsai Plant
Bonsai Plant

A bonsai is a form of art, same as music, literature, sculpturing, or painting. People are creating it for visual satisfaction as well as a part of the complex decor. Like there are masters of sculpturing, there are masters of bonsai.

Unlike paintings or sculpturing, bonsai trees are living art that grows and changes over time. Many people can take part in creating bonsai, which makes it even more precious.

Bonsai exhibitions are no longer contained to Japan and the Far East. World Bonsai Friendship Federation holds its international conventions worldwide, from Germany to the United States of America, presenting the most beautiful and valuable pieces and intriguing the minds of new generations.

With the internet and social media as the best promoter, many young people decide to practice bonsai creation. The future of this living art is more than bright.

Source: https://www.bonsaiempire.com/blog/expensive-bonsai

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